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name: Mats

alt-name: Mindgamesnl

type: Wizzard (Developer)


Howdy brave visitor!

My name is Mats, or better known as the old wizzard from the northern snowy mountains.

I use my magic to create software, magical server infrastructures and coordinate teams whilst working with my fellow code-wizzards.

My latest journey brought me to a dutch game network where i was a Developer (a layman's term for wizzard).

I mainly focus on networking and backend but in rare cases frontend and servers.

I know many magic-spells in many languages. My magic primarily works on Java, Go, C#, JavaScript, Html, Css, Php, Sql, Redis, Docker, Linux and Lua

But for real, i'm a dutch kid living the dream of a developer. Thanks to everyone who helped me to get here ❤

I started with development at a young age and thanks to the time and trust of friends and people i looked up to i got where i am today.

What are you waiting for! why not have a look around on this magical place.