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The story of who i am, where i am and how i got here

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The story of who?..

Around age 12 my obsession with computers started, i got my first PC from my grandpa with a copy of game maker studio and that quickly became a big part of my life.

I was your tipical script-kiddy, thinking he was the coolest kid around with the tree command in windows command prompt.

I started playing Minecraft multiplayer a few years later just like all the cool kids, that's when i found a dutch theme park server with something called teamspeak in which i spend most of my days for a solid year, thats also when i started the youtube channel Mindgamesnl and i've used that name ever since.

That server had a Developer writing java plugins and some very cool web applications, he had an awesome audio setup for teamspeak, always helped and respected me and was all round a cool guy (yes, i was his creepy fanboy).

One time he moved me in teamspeak and we got to talk for a little while, he told me about a thing called PHP and told me that i should give it a go.

I've never talked or seem him again since, but his words still are with me today:

You only get as good as you want to be and continue to do what you like best, the success will follow some day.

That's also when i started with Java, i hopped around from place to place writing little plugins for others with my skills slowly improving and learning something new every time.

Skip ahead a few years and that's where i am today, still fighting to be a guy like that developer all those years ago.

Still not as good as him, but I know that if I dont give up, i will get there some day.

And that's the only advice i can give to others.

Don't give up.

It might not happen today, it might not happen this week or it might never happen.

But it sure aint gonna happen if you just sit there and think about it.

Nothing ever goes just as planned, i've left a lot of old projects behind, some successful, some not.

I've left a lot of communities behind, some missed me and died and some didn't.

But there is one thing they all have in common, they leaned me something.

They thought me how to work with others, with new software and learn new systems.

I consider myself one of the luckiest kids out there with an awesome place to learn and write code with good friends and the sweetest girl on my side.

After all these years i can finally say it was worth it.

To everyone who helped me.

Pieter, David, Robin, Wouter, Julian, Matthijs, Duco and many more (sorry cant include everyone).

And ofcourse to the ones who still support me in my endeavours to this day, Soo, my parents, Jeff S, and many from the listed above.

Thank you, cant have done this withoud you guys. ❤